You'll Never Believe What This Guy Tried To Do At Comic Con

(photo: Phoenix New Times)

(photo: Phoenix New Times)

Ever been to a big convention? They're certainly something to experience. A lot of big celebrities making appearances, signing autographs and answering long asked questions in panels, as well as vendors with amazing gear from clothing to collectables, and of course, how could we forget the cosplayers!

People flock to these conventions wearing all sorts of fantastic costumes, and of course you always have the good, bad, and ugly of cosplay, but with all of the hidden identities and prop weapons, you kinda have to ask, "How easy would it be for this to go horribly wrong?"

Well, the good folks at the Phoenix, Arizona Comic Con almost found out last month when an armed "vigilante" walked in a side door, dressed as The Punisher, wearing body armor and armed to the teeth with a shotgun, three handguns, pepper spray, a tactical knife, and ninja throwing stars.

That's right boys and girls... ninja throwing stars...

No need to worry, no one was harmed in the incident, but it certainly made for one heck of a story.

On May 25th Matthew Sterling of Mesa, Arizona entered the convention. He was quickly spotted and apprehended by police on site. He protested saying that they couldn't arrest him because he was, in fact, The Punisher. He went on to say that he was there to kill bad, or "Aphrodite", cops.

Police later found a reminder on his phone's calendar for that day that said "Kill JDF" 

Matthew Sterling (left) (photo: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office) and Jason David Frank (right) (photo: 2013 Wizard World New York Experience)

Matthew Sterling (left) (photo: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office) and Jason David Frank (right) (photo: 2013 Wizard World New York Experience)

Sterling admitted to police that "JDF" referred to Jason David Frank, a man that Sterling claimed to have stabbed fifteen years prior. Jason David Frank is an actor and mixed martial-artist, best know for his role as Tommy, the green ranger, on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

In a press release, Frank stated that he had never encountered Sterling, nor had ever received a stab wound. He also stated, several times, that he was not shaken by the events of the convention and that, "There's a price to be a celebrity, but I don't really consider myself a celebrity, although I am."

All prop weapons were banned for the duration of the convention and Frank continued with his schedule.

Sterling has been charged with attempted murder, possession of a weapon in a prohibited area, resisting arrest, and wearing body armor during the commission of a crime, among other things.

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