How To Make Money With Twitch Or How To Reach Affiliate

So, we had a lot of fun this week joking around about how to successfully stream on Twitch, but now it’s time for some real advice!

First off, everything we said in our latest video is actually true. You do want a comfortable chair as the most successful streamers stay online for anywhere from 4-12 hours! Yes, they actually treat gaming like a full-time job, and some have the revenue to show for it.

A good set of headphones really are a must. I know, I look kind of silly using my $20 Acepha G7000’s (featured in a past video) but you want to be sure that you can hear your game without getting any feedback through your mic. Furthermore, if there’s a lot of stuff going on around where you stream then you might have to drop the money on a headset with a solid noise canceling mic. In the past we’ve recommended the Corsair Void Pro RGB headset for $80. Yes, you can find much more expensive models but this work great for a gamer on a budget.


And now, the camera… okay so this is where it gets interesting. We normally use the Logitech C920 webcam which ranges in price from $40 to $70. It works really well… for a webcam. Your best option is going to be a mounted DSLR capturing to your computer, however, the screen for your cam footage is usually so small, that a webcam will do just fine. And no, you don’t technically need your voice or a camera to stream but having them included helps your viewers for a bit of a bond with you, so that if they see you online in the future, they might be more willing to watch your stream.


And that’s where the video stopped. We did mention networking with other streamers to try and build a shared fan base but that’s really the best way to reach a level where you can start making money. At this point, you also have to be able to hook in new viewers and for that, we’re going to have to get a little more in to this.

So the last big decision to make tech wise is what software are you going to stream with? There’s a plethora of options available to you and having used a few of them we strongly recommend StreamLabs OBS, not to be confused with the original OBS. Streamlabs offers many advanced recording features as well as in-video notifications for new followers, subscribers, cheers and much more. It sports a built-in chat window so you can keep up with the conversation while playing and is all-around a wonderful program. Incidentally, it’s also worth considering running two monitors while streaming so that you constantly keep up with your streaming software.

Now, let’s get in to content! You want to be sure that you play a game that you enjoy, but also one that people can engage with no matter when they drop in. Multiplayer games are wonderful for this as are open world sandboxes, but sometimes a good narrative will work as well, though I’d usually recommend doing that when you have the time to play it in as few sessions as possible. You also want to be engaging. If someone says something in chat, respond! And yes, you will have trolls. Just shrug them off.

And lastly, reward your viewers! I’ve seen people do anything from giveaways to just having a song request built in to chat. It doesn’t have to cost you anything but it gives the people watching you just a little more incentive to keep on watching!


If you have any more suggestions or questions about this please let us know in the comments or just find us on twitch! The next time one of us goes live, we’d love to talk to you about it!